Gary Perman Brings Real World Leadership to Camas City Hall!

Gary is a proven business leader. As your City Councilor, he will work diligently to:

Restore your trust in City government.

Reduce your tax burden so Camas is an affordable place to live.

Attract new businesses and jobs to Camas.

Lead with a commonsense business approach to manage city growth and infrastructure.

Ensure the City adheres to its budget.

Work hard to protect our character and livability.

Join our team to put YOU first!

Tel. (360) 835-2205 / Email:

A life-long Camas resident, Gary graduated Camas High School and earned a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University. He’s been married to Becky for 39 years, and they raised their two sons in Camas. Gary has owned PermanTech Search Group, a successful Camas based recruitment business specializing in finding critical talent for the U.S. electric and alternative vehicle industry.

Gary’s core values influence his perspective on how City government should be run. He was raised to spend money wisely, live within his means, cut expenses when times are tough, and pay off debt rather than keep borrowing more. These fiscally responsible principles are missing in Camas’ city government today – raising taxes without a vote of the people, purchasing land and properties it doesn’t need, signing secret agreements without any accountability or visibility of detailed terms and conditions, and spending more money than it receives. This is unsustainable! As your new City Councilor in Ward 1, Gary Perman wants to bring sensibility to Camas City government. He will be your eyes, ears, and voice of reason and fiscal responsibility.

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Vote for Gary Perman by Tuesday, November 7th